Bodyism to launch first European Clean & Lean residency at D Maris Bay in Turkey!

Bodyism has been transforming bodies and changing lives around the world with incredible success over the last ten years. With clients that include Lara Stone, Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley and Hugh Grant, they are the world's leading authorities in fitness and nutrition.

And now Bodyism has launched its first European Clean & Lean residency at D Maris Bay.

Bodyism believes in creating long, lean, healthy, athletic bodies. The core to Bodyism is the 'Clean & Lean’ approach to total wellbeing, our performance specialists at D Maris Bay are elite personal trainers here from London who specialise in creating long, lean, athletic bodies. They will help you strip fat, improve posture and give nutritional advice.

Experience an exclusive Bodyism Personal Training session at our fitness center. Read the book or purchase a Superfood supplement. Try the  Clean & Lean menu at our restaurants, taste the shakes and make your first step towards a Clean & Lean life! Clean & Lean menus can be found at all a la carte restaurants and a full diet plan can be incorporated into your programme.

Improve your health on your holiday, book a free 20 minute Bodyism consultation session with spa reception and find out how we can change your life.

Please ask about making a booking before you arrive to secure this unique experience  with our Bodyism Team,  there are limited sessions available.

Bodyism Training Session
Bodyism training sessions are focused on building health through our customised nutritional protocols and exercise programs along with our bespoke range of supplements and health drinks. These are specifically designed to help you achieve your goals, enhance health, improve posture and increase performance.

Bodyism Fascia Stretch Therapy
Fascia Stretch Therapy is a unique way of stretching your entire body. The technique involves warming up the joints before moving into deeper stretches, which is proven to increase your flexibility. It removes tension and stress held in your joints, which can cause tightness or pain.

Bodyism Swimming Session
Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise and can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Injuries are unheard of in swimming and we recommend this form of exercise for everyone. Not only will you benefit from exercising safely you will also get a great cardio and resistance workout. Both pool and beach sessions available.

Outdoor Training Session
The new outdoor exercise area at the Coliseum is a great way to get a full body workout while enjoying the surroundings of the beautiful bay. Bodyism trainers can facilitate fun and challenging workouts using all the best outdoor equipment.

Click to watch the promotional film of Bodyism.