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Founded in 2006 in London, Bodyism takes an innovative and holistic approach to wellness to improve the mindset, movement, nutrition and sleep of people to create beautiful, healthy and happy bodies. Bodyism and it's training methods are driven by the simple philosophy "Be kind to yourself."

Seasonally, Bodyism Performance Specialists take residence at D Maris Bay for personal training sessions, group classes and retreats. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, performance specialists use a wide spectrum of techniques. Movement programmes are tailor-made for the individual focusing on alignment and posture by implementing intelligent weight training, functional movement, yoga, stretching and Pilates.

Using our Four Pillars of Health, Bodyism performance specialists will help uncover and develop healthful habits. Once the mind and body are working in perfect harmony, you will have the intuition to streamline your transformation. In short, you will become an expert of your own wellbeing, and create a blueprint for the joyful, healthy life you deserve. Our performance specialists will recommend specific supplements to compliment your training and help achieve your goals. Whether you strive for a good night's sleep, need to improve digestion, lack energy or want to improve your complexion, the holistic approach will help you make positive changes.

Special Bodyism Sessions

Weekly complimentary classes are available


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Daily, from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm



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+90 252 441 2000

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